Our Mission

We are a young Startup from Hamburg, Germany that specializes in the motorcycle and motorbike industry. We develop modern, powerful on-board computers for motorcycles, scooters, quads and similar vehicles, such as
UTVs. We focus on connectivity and security. Our Offer includes various cockpit solutions including accessories and extensions.


The majority of registered vehicles from this segment do not have a modern on-board system and even new vehicles are usually introduced without such cockpits. As a result, the motorcycle industry is lagging behind the automobile industry in decades, in such important points as connectivity, infotainment, safety and vehicle assistants. Since motorcycle registrations are growing worldwide, from year to year exponentially, the request of customers for solutions is also getting louder. Therefore we made it our mission to offer customers the option of retrofitting such a system easily.
We use an Android-based operating system. This connects us to the huge ecosystem of Android, which opens up enormous opportunities for development and community, for the benefit of our customers. It is also important to us to connect and network motorcyclists. Driving t ogether is a big part of the fun. Above all, however, we want to increase safety on and off the road. We make t his possible through modern technology, sophisticated software and networking.


At the moment we are in production planning and software development. Our prototypes will reach the beginning of production readiness in early 2022. A market launch for spring 2022 is planned. Find updates to the current process on our Instagram page or on Facebook under cmoto.

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We are planning a constant development of our products in order to meet the requirements of t raffic safety. With the introduction of 5G, the cornerstone for Communication protocols such as V2V (Vehicle-to-Vehicle) and V2X (Vehicle-to-Everything) have been laid. This increases universal road safety extremely in the near future.
Today many vehicle manufacturers offer this function when configuring a new car. We will implement these and other relevant t echnologies in our devices. We would also like our in-house developments that have already been patented and are constantly expanding, to be competitive in the markets.